Here’s a new gig poster! (MurderByDeath)

Back in 2012, I was fortunate enough to somehow fish a job from one of my favorite bands. Murder By Death. I think I saw them at the Ogden Theater in Denver a few years before and I was in love. A few years after that, they asked me to write a forward for their book “FRAMED – The poster art of Murder By Death”. I was working for great bands (like MBD) and making messes and things were good.

After that, things got quiet for me.. I got in to the commercial print game – working for other artists and companies, and that turned out to be a terrible decision.. one, because it turned out I wasn’t very good at it.. comparatively. Two, and I think more importantly, because I hated it.. I took me completely away from my own art works for YEARS and things just kind of fizzled out. It took me a terrible two+ years to get out from under that cloud, but i finally did it and upon my quest to return to my own art, gigposters and nonsense – I reached out to the band once again and was pleasantly surprised with a new job for an amazing concert at the Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville, Tennessee. This venue hosts a massive natural cave turned music venue that sits 333 feet below the surface of the earth. Below is an assortment of photos from the print making and one from the show.

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